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Hy guys :)

In case anyone noticed and has been questioning it, I'm here to explain my silence as of late. Perhaps some of you expected an increase of art coming from me or at least some sort of activity (I know I did), due to the fact we're now in the middle of the summer holiday season. Sadly, it seems like that will not be the case. Don't get me wrong, things have been FANTASTIC lately. I got my graduation exam results back, they exceeded my wildest expectations and I've been accepted into the college I applied for, so cheers to that!

Furthermore, the lovely grey mare I currently loan is going beautifully. I feel blessed to finally have a forward-going horse that understands collection and responds to the standard-issue steering aids (yes C, I'm looking at you). Jumping has been going well too, she's a bit unsteady when approaching a jump (she tends to change her rhythm a lot) and she needs a little encouragement at spooky obstacles, but besides that ... so far so good. She can get hard to hold back between jumps and for the first 2 weeks I had to wrap my fingers with plasters to avoid getting my skin torn off, but it's grown accustomed by now. We seem to get along well too, so that's cool. :meow:

Also, I've put together my first pole dance choreography :la: In September, it will be one year since I took up this sport (yes it IS a sport, if you don't believe me feel free to search for Oona Kivela on youtube) and I wanted to make something to "celebrate" that. Composing a full choreography was the obvious answer. After a week of brainstorming, testing various possible elements and all the different ways of incorporating them all together, I performed it at the studio today. My teacher said it was nice and that although she would have done a few things differently (well obviously, because she is a dance genius) she liked it and thought I should continue working on it. I did, in fact, compose my choreo so enthusiastically and made it so demanding, that I've failed to perform it in it's entirety so far :XD: But to be fair, I've only tried performing all of it to the music twice, at the end of an hour-long lesson when I was already drained of strength and energy. If any pole enthusiasts are reading this by any chance (I don't know what other hobbies you guys may have besides art), I've been brave enough to incorporate allegra, jade, shoulder mount and butterfly on spinning mode in the same 4 minutes of music, with only 10 months of pole behind my belt. Pretty brave, right? Either that or just plain stupid, as we all know that there's a thin line between the two. To be honest, there's no line in my case because they are the same thing more or less all the time :lmao: It was the climb+invert+jade about halfway into the song that killed me, as I never had enough strength to invert by that point, and yet I could catch up to the song later and still do the shoulder mount hahah. But seriously, I think it will look pretty cool when I perfect the timing, succeed in finishing all the elements and keep my toes pointed all the time. I'm confident I can do it, I just need to be well-rested. Oh, and yes, I did compose it to a kpop song, was that even a question by this point of my obsession? Hahahah. This kpop craze of mine has blown way out of proportions and I have no way of stopping it from becoming even worse. I won't even start on that topic, or else you guys will never hear the end of it.

Finally, the really important part (and the only thing important for dA) is ART. Is there any? Am I drawing anything or working on any cool projects? Sadly, not at all. Well, I am in the process of finishing the prize drawing for my last event, but there's really nothing else besides that. One would think that now, when I'm finally free of school I would draw again, but it's just not happening, apparently. I think my (lack of) inspiration forged an unholy alliance with (lack of) motivation and waged war upon my artistic soul, that has now, depressed and void of life, collapsed and became non-existent. More or less. :( Along with that, I feel like I'm slowly losing interest in harpg (that's been going on and off for about a year now actually). Did the community change so much? I used to log into dA everyday and find tons of pieces and stories that motivated me to create my own. That doesn't really happen any more .. am I watching the wrong people or what? What happened? Or is it just me? I'm trying to hold on at the moment, because I know I have a few amazing horses I should bring up, draw and write about, but I can't force myself to draw anything. Trust me, I've tried. I may just be tired from all the physical activity, it may be the heat (hell hath no fury like this year's heat wave) or it may well be the combination of all of those factors. Bottom line is, I don't think there will be much art from me for some time now. I remember the last time I wrote something like this in a journal, and I ended up drawing like crazy the very next day and couldn't stop for a week, so I had to actually wait to upload stuff. Let us all hope this scenario repeats itself, shall we? (also, my premi ran out, but I don't plan on extending it until I'm active again on here, so excuse the poor journal skin and lack of cool custom boxes on my profile).

Hope you're having a good time and I hope I'll manage to produce some art for you in near future :tighthug:
(Cookies for you if you actually read this whole monster journal lol)


Here are some basic things you should probably know about me: :P

-My name is Eva, but I`d prefer Evy (I don't really like the sound of Eve)
-I have blond hair (natural) :P
-My eyes are a mix of green, grey and blue
-My birthday is on the 13th of April

-Favourite bands: Avenged Sevenfold, The Pretty Reckless, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Veil Brides, Alesana, The Switches, Niet, My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, Muse, Of Mice And Men, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Pierce The Veil, ... :aww:

-Kpop is love, kpop is life.

-Other things I like: Games Of Thrones, Castle, Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, Death Note, Attack On Titan, ...

-My (inactive) photography and stock account; :icondns-stock:

Best buddies on dA (in no order) :
:iconappyninja: :iconlittlehorsesoul: :iconthe-white-cottage: :iconepiskeeyy: :iconabosz007: :iconpudingi: :iconwalktrotcanter7:

Awesome artists I consider friends:
:iconlouvan: :iconmendokusee: :iconbaliroadmin: :iconjullelin: :iconehetere: :icontackrack::iconneko-raccoon:


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If you donate, I will love you forever! :la: :tighthug:

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