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Tagged by Zarac

Wow, it took me sooo long to finally get to this. Amazing what college does to a person (and not in a good way).

1. Post 8 facts about your character.
2. Tag 8 other Characters.
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars

Evy was tagged, so let's get right down to it :D hopefully these facts are new and interesting for you guys.

1. Evy Edeson is NOT in fact her actual birthgiven name. What was her original name? No one knows. Actually ... there are a few people who know it. Anyway, I can tell you that her second name changed completely, while her first name only changed one letter.

2. Her (non-horse related) back up career plan in case the professional-rider-thing failed, was going into the army. She has the gun and knife wielding skills for it and once passed a test equal to that for the special unit forces. She's not in such a good form anymore now.

3. Every once in a while, she goes to the nearest shooting range for fun or relaxation, and a little bit of practice. The owners know her very well by now (they are practically besties) and can tell what sort of day she had just by the way she walks through the door and holds her weapon. And also, her choice of weapon speaks a lot as well. The bigger the weapon and the larger the ammo bag, the more annoying her day was. She was once responsible for the range to completely run out of targets, as she demolished them all on a "bad day". To be fair, it was at the end of the month so their supply was already slightly on the lower side :XD:

4. She used to have a record file. Used to. It was just a year before the Slovenian police updated to a digital database, and in those old file database rooms, many things would go missing :meow:

5. She is partly responsible for DNS not hiring any other female riders. Okay, that was a lie, she is 100% responsible for that. She says she can't really get along with other females for a longer period of time and it's true, unless it's one of those girls who really click with her, but those are hard to find (approximately one in 30 female riders). So she will spend ages looking for qualified males instead, even if she gets 20 good female resumes handed to her, because she doesn't believe the odds will ever be good enough. Luckily for her, she has a network of associates, who have so far been able to find good riders for DNS. And so she lives to abuse her power in the DNS administration another day.

6. Speaking about the DNS administraton, Evy undeniably has the most say in how DNS goes about their business. She even instructs the PR department and the simple people such as the gardener. And while not everything gets done her way, the things that do always end up bringing profit to DNS. After all, she was the one who brought the Obertaurer breed to DNS.

7. Since she doesn't react to hot or cold, a popular joke around DNS is that her sensory receptor cells have died because of her excessive consumption of (supposedly cancerogenous) energy drinks. She wears a tank top or a short-sleeved shirt and a hoodie all year round and will sometimes add a leather jacket to that, if it gets really cold. It's not that she doesn't react at all, she is just always dressed like there are 10° more outside than the actual temperature (if it's 15°C she'll be dressed like it's 25°C) and she apparently feels comfortable in that. She also doesn't really respond to pain. Anytime you see her get hit by something she'll just brush it off with an expression of annoyance on her face. If she ever bumps into inanimate objects such as tables, she'll look at the said object in disbelief and ask it whether it seriously just did that. Same goes if a horse or another person bumps into her. Cookie once stepped on her with full force, crushing 3 of her toe bones on her right leg, and all Evy did was curse at the mare and push her off, then she went back about her business. She didn't even figure out the bones were broken until after it didn't stop bothering her for 3 months, as it didn't occur to her to go to the doctor about it. She says it didn't hurt, it just bothered her a little so it was annoying. :lmao:

8. She can act like a total child and can joke about literally anything, anywhere. Even about things that should not be joked about. She says her dark humor is the reason she will be going to hell for and the reason why Satan will keep her as his advisor.

BONUS fact: Evy originaly started out as a pixelated version of me. Then she totally went her own way and became unrecognizable even to me (I guess it happened while I matured as a person as well, but again, we did not go the same way). Her character became deeper and deeper (in a sense of more info, more background, more idunnowhat), and now even I, her creator, am not sure where exactly it ends and what is the underlying basis. I am not sure who she is under all of her personas. I guess I would have to finish my side story and see where it takes her. I think the only thing of mine left on her is the physical appearance (blonde hair, light eyes), birth date, sense of humor, and a few character traits. Oh, and we also share fact n.7, only, it wasn't Cookie who stomped on my right leg but C (the idiot horse depicted on my ID).

Wow, I'm surprised all of these were kinda serious. Again, what college does to people :XD:

And now, as much as I'd love to tag people, I don't have the time. :(


Here are some basic things you should probably know about me: :P

-My name is Eva, but I`d prefer Evy (I don't really like the sound of Eve)
-I have blond hair (natural) :P
-My eyes are a mix of green, grey and blue
-My birthday is on the 13th of April

-Favourite bands: Avenged Sevenfold, The Pretty Reckless, Mindless Self Indulgence, Black Veil Brides, Alesana, The Switches, Niet, My Chemical Romance, Escape The Fate, Muse, Of Mice And Men, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Pierce The Veil, ... :aww:

-Kpop is love, kpop is life.

-Other things I like: Games Of Thrones, Castle, Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach, Death Note, Attack On Titan, ...

-My (inactive) photography and stock account; :icondns-stock:

Best buddies on dA (in no order) :
:iconappyninja: :iconlittlehorsesoul: :iconthe-white-cottage: :iconepiskeeyy: :iconabosz007: :iconpudingi: :iconwalktrotcanter7:

Awesome artists I consider friends:
:iconlouvan: :iconmendokusee: :iconbaliroadmin: :iconjullelin: :iconehetere: :icontackrack::iconneko-raccoon:


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